Since childhood, the young man wanted to live the life of animals, so by spending lakhs of rupees, he became a dog.


Many times, after seeing the dogs raised in the house of some noble people, people start saying that they also want a life like this dog. Well, this is a matter of joke, but a person from Japan took this matter very seriously and he has turned from a human to a dog by making 11 lakh rupees.

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Seeing him, you will not be able to believe that it is not really a breed of dog, but a human. A Japanese Twitter user named Toko surprised people by showing his appearance. He says that he wanted to live the life of animals since childhood and he had a lot of love for dogs. So he approached the special effects workshop Zeppet to change his look and got himself an ultra realistic dog costume. After wearing it, no human understands it.

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To fulfill this strange wish of a person named Toko, Zeppet asked him for a considerable amount. Toko gave him a total of 2 million yen i.e. 11 lakh 63 thousand rupees in Indian currency as a fee and made him a completely original looking dog costume.

This costume of Toko is so tremendous that after wearing it, he does not seem human from anywhere. The company says that it took them a lot of effort to make this costume, because there is a lot of difference between humans and dogs and Toko wanted them to look like dogs after wearing this costume.

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To fulfill Toko’s whims, synthetic fur was used by the workshop and even the smallest detail was meticulously worked out. After a total of 40 days, this costume was ready. After this Toko wore it and shared her pictures on Twitter. He also created a channel on YouTube to give updates about his new life. He also came on Japan’s National TV and on social media, the discussion of this strange experiment of his is not ending.

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